Photo: Danielle Fox, Slate Contemporary

Jane Norling is a California artist whose paintings and digital artworks express the power of nature to connect the individual to the universal.

Active in Bay Area cultural venues since 1970 as painter, designer/illustrator and public artist, Jane has created imagery with a foundation in social justice. Since 2000, fascinated with the interweaving of water and land, she has focused on expressing the intense beauty she experiences firsthand in the canyons, forests, glaciers, shores, mountains lying just beyond city life. The natural world is the heart of her artmaking, changed into landscapes as it is by her interpretation, civilization standing just outside the picture plane.

Jane's painting process layers oil paint and graphite into luminous translucent surfaces marked by drawing that reflect a sense of light and topography in paintings that may be identifiable landscapes or clearly abstract. In printmaking Jane combines photography with abstract painting to create a third art form, digital artworks, which she creates in series.

Jane Norling graduated from Bennington College with a BA in painting and printmaking. Her series "Shaped by Water" launched in solo exhibition in 2007; "Cappadocia Ex/Interiors" exhibited in Oakland in 2008. Her mural "Absent" concerning the war in Afghanistan travels the US for three years in AFSC group show "Windows and Mirrors." She received a Morris Graves Residency in 2009. Her work is in public collections such as the Oakland Museum of California, Alameda County Art Collection, and in numerous private collections.